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The BikeRaleigh Program encourages biking in Raleigh through on-road facility design, cycling safety and education promotion, and encouragement events. Our primary goal is to promote bicycle use as a viable, attractive, non-polluting form of transportation and assure safe and convenient access to all areas of the City. 




Commuter Profiles

Upcoming Event

Sun Aug 28, 2016 @08:00 -
TLC For Bikes Sunday A&B Ride

All riders should arrive at TLC For Bikes 15 minutes prior to the start of the ride. Stop by the shop to get your tires and gears checked out. These are non-supported group rides only.

A ride; 50-70 miles- average 17-19 mph.

B ride: 50-70 miles- average 14-16 mph.


BikeRaleigh Maps

Interactive Raleigh Map

The map highlights existing on-road bicycle facilities, CAT routes, the greenway system, and popular destinations.

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Raleigh BikeShare

The map allows you to suggest a station location, or add a comment on any suggested station location.

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Raleigh BikePlan

tell us where you would like to see bicycle infrastructure improvements: bicycle lanes, cycle tracks, and bicycle racks. 

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