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The BikeRaleigh Program encourages biking in Raleigh through on-road facility design, cycling safety and education promotion, and encouragement events. Our primary goal is to promote bicycle use as a viable, attractive, non-polluting form of transportation and assure safe and convenient access to all areas of the City. 




Commuting For: 7 years

Reason: Exercise and ease of parking downtown.

Length/Frequency: 15 miles round trip, two or three times per week.

Primary Route: Blue Ridge Rd, Reedy Creek Greenway, Clark Ave, Cameron Park Neighborhood

Observations: The greenway paths are usually interesting and there are some nice gardens in the neighborhoods.

Improvements: More lanes and paths dedicated to bikes and pedestrians.

Bike(s): Bianchi Bergamo, Fuji Club, Fuji Suncrest.

Tips: Avoid the more direct, but busy routes in favor of side streets and paths.

Interested in being a Raleigh BikeBuddy?: Yes

Commuter Profiles

Upcoming Event

Fri Apr 28, 2017 @07:00 - 09:00
Oakwood Morning Ride

Meet at Oakwood Cemetery for a 35 mile fast (but no drop) ride! Ride starts at 7 am and ends at approximately 9 am.


BikeRaleigh Maps

Interactive Raleigh Map

The map highlights existing on-road bicycle facilities, CAT routes, the greenway system, and popular destinations.

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Raleigh BikeShare

The map allows you to suggest a station location, or add a comment on any suggested station location.

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Raleigh BikePlan

tell us where you would like to see bicycle infrastructure improvements: bicycle lanes, cycle tracks, and bicycle racks. 

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