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The goal of BikeRaleigh is to make bicycling safer, more comfortable, and more convenient for people of all ages and abilities. BikeRaleigh’s strategy includes system planning, facility design, education, outreach, and encouragement. BikeRaleigh is the bicycle program under the City of Raleigh’s Office of Transportation Planning, also known as RaleighMoves.

Commuting For: Off and on for at least 10 years.

Reason: I'm frugal, for my health, and for the enjoyment of the ride. Compared to some of the alternatives it's relatively free to do so. I sleep better, have more energy and strength and you meet people and experience things you wouldn't otherwise in a car.

Length/Frequency: It's 3 miles one way. Five days a week. Rain, sun, 105 or 25 degrees.

Primary Route: West on Glascock, south on Blount, west on Peace, and north on Capital.

Observations: In the sidewalk on Capital there are two NCGS land survey markers.

Improvements: A designated bike route on Capital Blvd. It's illegal to ride on the sidewalk and I'm not able to ride in the road there. Also, I don't enjoy how I am treated by most automobile drivers. I don't have an answer for that one. But that is at the top of my list.

Bike(s): A touring bike that I commute on and a mountain bike that I play on.

Tips: In terms of the distance you go, the equipment you use, and the clothing you buy it does not need to be all or nothing. Start off riding on days with ideal weather. Wear what is comfortable, not necessarily what you see others wearing. I commute in my office clothes. And if you think that you can only ride a half mile, drive to your destination all but the last half mile.

Interested in being a Raleigh BikeBuddy?: Sure.

Anything Else: Studies show that ridership goes up proportionately to how safe the riders feel. Also, cyclists are obliged to obey the same traffic laws as automobile drivers. Bikers who do not respect the law or other drivers contribute to the animosity between the two modes of transportation.

Upcoming Event

Tue Jun 19, 2018 @18:30 -
Benelux Ride

Join Benelux Cafe for a 9-10 mile ride around town! Meet at the cafe at 6:30 pm, depart at 7.