Daylight Savings ended Sunday, November 5th and most people's commutes to and from work are now a lot darker. We at the City of Raleigh want to help you be seen while riding your bike, walking or waiting for the bus! Here is a coupon for 15% off reflective gear and/or bike lights at participating stores. 

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As a cyclist, you are aware of the challenges that you can encounter every time that you head out on the road. The best way to avoid crashes is to stay alert and ride defensively at all times. There are several risks that you can encounter out on the road every day, and here are four of the leading crash situations that you can avoid when cycling. By avoiding these situations, you can decrease your chances of being in a crash solo or with motorists.

 Help us craft a new slogan for the WalkRaleigh Program! "Step It Up" has been with us since the beginning of the program. As we evolve, our slogans should too! We want a slogan that reflects on our accomplishments and promotes the walkability of Raleigh. Share your ideas with us on Twitter and Facebook. The slogan must be less than 20 characters, including spaces. The contest runs from 26 October-17 November, 2017. The winner and runner up will be notified on 20 November through social media. Prizes will be awarded for first and second place!

Last year we added over 100 bike parking spaces at 58 locations, including 3 bike corrals and 5 brightly-colored BikeRaleigh racks. We plan to install more bike parking this year and we want your help identifying the best locations! Let us know what you think before September 15. Share the survey link with your friends: https://publicinput.com/1912.

 Help the City of Raleigh collect important bicycle data by tracking your trips on Ride Report! Ride Report is a mobile app that automatically and anonymously tracks trips made by bike. Once you download the app and make a profile, the app starts collecting data from your bike trips. When the city receives enough information we will be able to develop a stress map similar to this photo from Austin, and will be able to determine from Raleigh riders the best and most used routes. For more information or to download the app, visit the Ride Report site.

Upcoming Event

Mon Nov 20, 2017 @18:00 -
Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission Meeting

Join us for our monthly BPAC meeting in City Council chambers. Here we discuss everything Bicycle and Pedestrian related in Raleigh. From new projects, to updates on old business and news of local events. The meeting is open to the public and begins at 6pm.