BFC ScorecardIt is with a strong mix of motions that I announce the City of Raleigh has once again been designated as a Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists.  For context, the City of Raleigh was first designated as a bronze-level Bicycle Friendly Community by the League in 2011.  We completed a Comprehensive Bicycle Plan in 2009 and hired our first full-time Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator in 2010.  Westarted making strides towards improving the environment for bicycling with our first new bike lanes and markings and with the rapid expansion of the City's greenway system.

We submitted our application to the League that year, thinking achieving designation would be a long shot - our program was too young, our achievements too small, and our ridership levels were not remarkable.  We thought the application would provide us with an excellent opportunity for benchmarking, and our program would get valuable feedback and insight on how to improve.

And somehow we achieved Bronze.

We were ecstatic and in disbelief!  The combination of all of our efforts proved sufficient to meet the League's benchmarks for this designation.  This achievement re-energized our efforts of implementing the Plan and expansion of the program over these past four years.  Entering into the application process this year, we were armed with a substantially stronger program, vigorous community and political support, a significantly larger infrastructure base, and a track record of successful programming and events.  As we submitted this year's application, we felt the BikeRaleigh program was poised for Silver designation this year by the League.

And again: Bronze.

The League provided us a Scorecard explaining our designation, and without a doubt, there are many, many areas in which the City can improve in order to become truly bike-friendly.  And we must work harder to get our bicycle mode share numbers up and our bicycle crashes down.  We're almost finished with the implementation of the 27-miles of new markings, and the 2009 Bicycle Plan Update is almost complete.  To enforce our commitment to bicycling and walking, the City reclassified the Coordinator position to a Bicycle & Pedestrian Program Manager- a position recently filled. We are now in the process of filling our vacant Bicycle & Pedestrian Outreach Coordinator position.  

We are motivated to use the scorecard and forthcoming feedback from the League as a blueprint to continue growing the BikeRaleigh program.  We thank you all for the support you've given us these past several years, and we hope that you'll help us keep moving our program forward!


Eric Lamb


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