Welcome to BikeRaleigh


The goal of BikeRaleigh is to make bicycling safer, more comfortable, and more convenient for people of all ages and abilities. BikeRaleigh’s strategy includes system planning, facility design, education, outreach, and encouragement. BikeRaleigh is the bicycle program under the City of Raleigh’s Office of Transportation Planning, also known as RaleighMoves.

The BikeRaleigh App allows users to tailor their cycling experience based on their skill and comfort level on a variety of facility types. Packed with information about on-road and off-road facilities, users will find numerous options available to make their way through Raleigh on two wheels. The app includes public bike parking locations, bicycle repair shops, on and off road facilities, trail heads and public parking for Greenway trails, bicycle benefits businesses and descriptions, and the ability to tap on a facility or icon for a pop-up informational window. 

The BikeRaleigh App was developed by the City of Raleigh Geographic Information Systems department for the Office of Transportation Planning.  The app is available now for Android and Apple users.

Upcoming Event

Sat May 25, 2019 @10:00 - 11:00
City of Raleigh History Ride

Hosted by the City of Raleigh museum, this ride is an educational tour of downtown Raleigh.