State of Report CoverAs part of the BikeRaleigh 2015 Plan Update, we are pleased to release the State of Bicycling in Raleigh Report. This report reviews the progress, challenges, and opportunities that have arisen since the existing plan was adopted in 2009.

Click here to download the PDF (~11 Mb).


The BikeRaleigh Plan Update is moving into the next phase, during which we'll develop network and prioritization recommendations. The State of Bicycling in Raleigh report is currently coming together! Check out the image at left from the draft.

Thank you to everybody who took the first survey or gave us your feedback at Viva Raleigh and Artsplosure! There are now new opportunities to provide your input. A second quick survey is available that asks for your cycling infrastructure preferences as well as your favorite places to bike in Raleigh. Click here to participate!

Last month, we announced that Raleigh is updating its bike plan. Since then:

  • We’ve been gathering, and will continue to gather, input from the people of Raleigh.
  • The informal steering committee, led by the Bicycle Planning Committee of BPAC met.
  • We’re gathering and analyzing data about current cycling conditions in Raleigh.

The result of all of this will be a State of Bicycling in Raleigh report. It will describe the progress we’ve made in recent years and help identify where addition progress is most needed.

City Staff and our consultants have been working hard to get the word out about the update. We had a great time and received a lot of quality feedback at Artsplosure, May 15th and 16th. Saturday, June 13th, we were present at the Viva Raleigh Festival, seeking even more input.

May is over and we’ve got another year of Bike Month in Raleigh under our belts!  Our thanks go out to everyone who participated in any of the Bike Month events locally, whether here in Raleigh or anywhere else across the Triangle region!  Our goal is to showcase the many benefits of bicycling and to create opportunities to encourage more folks to give cycling a try.  From the Capital City Ride kickoff to our Bike to Work Day Pit Stops celebrating bike commuters, we were thrilled with Raleigh’s active participation and positive feedback.

Raleigh is updating its Bike Plan!

Work has begun to update the BikeRaleigh Plan. Over the next few months, city staff and our consultants, Alta Planning + Design, with Three Oaks Engineering, will be seeking your input on cycling in the Capital City. Go to bikeraleigh.org/bikeplan to take the first quick survey.

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