Planning & Design

Planning & Design

Harrington Street CycleTrack

The City of Raleigh partnered with Oaks & Spokes to implement a priority project from the Downtown Plan and Bicycle Plan as a 3 day pop-up event the first weekend in April, 2019. The project installed a temporary two-way separated bike lane, also known as a two-way cycletrack, on Harrington Street from Davie Street to Morgan Street. The project’s primary objective was to introduce Raleigh to the two-way cycletrack and test the design in a downtown setting.  The 2016 Bike Plan Update calls for the City to create a low-stress bikeway connecting Raleigh Union Station and the Warehouse District to the Glenwood District. Originally slated for West Street, a combination of factors led to looking at Harrington as a better long-term fit for the facility.  The pop up event was well-received, and an open house will gather more detailed comments from the public before beginning the design process.

Blount Street – Person Street Corridor Plan Implementation

Based on the Blount Street/Person Street Corridor Plan adopted in 2013, Blount Street, Person Street, and Wake Forest Road between Hoke Street and Capital Boulevard will be restriped and resurfaced to reduce motor vehicle speeds, improve safety, and provide accommodations for bicyclists and pedestrians. For more information, go to the project page.

Gorman Street Connector

Raleigh’s first two-way separated bike lane is coming to Gorman Street between Sullivan Drive and Hillsborough Street. The project is intended to provide a safe connection for bicyclists and pedestrians between the Reedy Creek Trail (Meredith College) and the Rocky Branch Trail (North Carolina State University). For more information, go to the project page.

Leesville Safe Routes to School Project

The Leesville Safe Routes to School project aims to improve bicycling and walking conditions around Leesville Elementary, Middle, and High schools by installing sidewalks and shared lane markings on Oneal Road and sidewalks and bike lanes on Country Trail. For more information, go to the project page.

Blue Ridge Road Bicycle/Pedestrian Improvements from Trinity Road to North Carolina Museum of Art

A design to improve bicycle and pedestrian facilities along Blue Ridge Road from Trinity Road to Reedy Creek Road is under development. The design includes a new non-motorized bridge over Wade Avenue; sidewalks, separated bike lanes,and shared-use paths; and an improved intersection at Reedy Creek Road. For more information, go to the project page.

Crabtree Creek West Trail

The Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources Department is managing this project.  For more information visit their project page.

Walnut Creek Trail at Trailwood

The Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources Department is also managing this project.  For more information visit their project page.

BikeRaleigh Plan

Adopted in May 2016, the BikeRaleigh Plan is the framework for expanding Raleigh’s bikeway network and improving its safety, comfort, convenience, and accessibility for bicyclists of all ages and abilities. The BikeRaleigh Plan seeks to improve Raleigh’s bikeability through engineering, evaluation and planning, education, encouragement, and enforcement. Click on the links below to download individual chapters and view online maps showing the plan’s bikeway recommendations.

2-Existing Conditions
3-The Bike Network
Bike Network Maps
Interactive Long Term Bikeway Plan
4-Prioritization and Ten-Year Plan
Priority Projects Maps
Interactive Ten Year Priority Plan
5-Bicycle Routes and Wayfinding
6-Support Programs and Facilities
7-Bicycle Policies
Appendix A: Prioritization Matrix
Appendix B: Public Engagement
Appendix: Design Guidelines

The City of Raleigh sidewalk microgap program was created to address gaps in the sidewalk network that were too small to be part of the capital project program.  They are generally under 300' and considered to be part of the maintenance of the system.  The list and map below show the current, known microgaps that are identified. Tier 1 Projects have funding set aside and will be constructed in the first phase. Tier 2 and 3 projects will be constructed further in the future.

Tier 1 Projects

4503 Jacqueline Lane

1700 Pebble Ridge Drive - Maybrook Crossing Drive

2438 Keith Drive-Aaron Drive

2805 Filbert Street

308 Dacian Road

3090 Woods Place

3240 Huntleigh Drive

3500 Constellation Drive

4015 Griffiths Glenn Drive

4601 Pemberton Road

4617 Waterbury Road

4700 Courtney Lane

4728 Jacqueline Lane

6021 Battleford Drive

603 Peyton Street - Dacian Road

6313 Lynn Meadow Drive

7026 Staghorn Lane

7237 Mine Shaft Road

733 Hunting Ridge Road

9704 Strickland Road

1119 East Martin Street

209 Bragg Street


Tier 2

11500 Autumn Oaks Lane

1201 Scales Street

1228 Robinson Avenue - Bart Street 

1400 Savannah Drive - Snowberry Drive

1551 Eva Mae Drive - Heritage Manor Drive 

2180 Glascock Street

2820 Beehnon Way - Betry Place

300 E Forest Drive - Park Drive

3101 Burntwood Circle

3101 Burntwood Circle - Idlewild Village Drive

3120 Riverbrooke Drive - Tuckland Drive

3168 Landing Falls Lane - Blue Blossom Drive

3201 Comstock Road

3702 Marshlane Way - Willano Way

4240 Dalcross Road - Missionary Ridge Drive

4604 Ryegate Drive -Limerick Drive

4644 Jacqueline Lane

4700 Mallory Court - Dansey Drive

4786 Courtney Lane

515 Ashe Avenue

517 Sawmill Road - Mine Shaft Road

5500 Centipede Trail - Penncross Drive

6056 Ricker Road - Brittlebank Drive

6208 Gainsborough Drive - Battleford Drive

6701 Van Haven Drive - Westbrook Drive

6732 Eastbrook Drive - Westbrook Drive       

703 Hunting Ridge Road

801 Moratuck Drive - Mellowfield Drive

Tier 3

1100 Cedarhurst Drive

1104 Bayfield Drive

1113 Seabrook Road

1200 Aaron Drive

1200 Rainwood Lane - Farmingwood Lane

1226 E Lenoir Street - Bart Street

1300 Park Drive

1403 Wake Forest Road - Sycamore Street

1510 Eva Mae Drive

1512 Park Drive - E Forest Drive

1538 Westchester Road - Crabtree Blvd

1600 Lake Park Drive - Secret Drive

1930 Alexander Drive

1931 Alexander Drive

1943 Gorman Street

205 S State Street

2298 Saint Mary's Street

2300 Pastille Lane

2404 Perennial Street

2407 Deanwood Drive

2500 Dandridge Drive

2561 Kenmore Drive

2603 Hazelwood Drive

2701 Erinridge Road

3000 Dahlgreen Road - Cub Trail

3255 Womans Club Drive

3428 Harden Road - Nancy Ann Drive

3433 Doyle Road - Nancy Ann Drive

3500 Idlewood Village Drive

3500 Swift Drive

402 Cole Street - Filmore Street

441 Cedar Hill Lane - Sweetbriar Drive

4410 Bland Road

500 Coleman Street

503 Oberlin Road - Stafford Avenue

503 Peebles Street - Noble Road

504 Westbrook Drive

5201 Heather Ridge Lane - Pinion Way Lane

5203 Little Sandy Drive - Keowee Way

5509 Old Forge Circle

5842 Ricker Road - Brosnan Lane

6001 Battleford Drive

603 Dorothea Drive

639 Dorothea Drive

6701 Sunhaven Place - Westbrook Drive

6924 Valley Ridge Court - Weybridge Drive

704 Merwin Road - Lorimer Road

717 N Boylan Avenue - Hinsdale Street

720 Holden Street

721 Holden Street

7501 Mine Valley Drive - Wedgeland Drive

7601 Wilderness Road

8301 Kestrel Drive - Rainwood Lane

8340 Fountain Park Drive - Phillipsburg Drive

8424 Running Cedar Trail

8520 Honeycutt Road

907 Deboy Street

221 E Lee Street

1115 S East Street

1000 Fayetteville Street